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Future Forward Music

Leading the way in cutting-edge electronic music. Future Forward Music is the flagship label of Future Forward Media’s electronic music division. Specializing in a wide range of electronic music genres, from techno to house, Future Forward Music is dedicated to discovering and fostering the next generation of electronic music talent.


Ineffable is focused on raw, powerful and energetic techno ,led by Stargate artist Minstrel. It is not only a platform for him to showcase his own music, but also a space to promote the artists that inspire him. Ineffable is a creative outlet for Minstrel’s storytelling abilities through the music he creates and the artworks he designs.


Ethereal Records, helmed by the visionary Stargate artist Triart, has evolved into a destination for electronic music enthusiasts seeking transportive soundscapes through melody and energy. As a breeding ground for emerging talent, Ethereal Records has established itself as a go-to label for industry tastemakers. Constantly pushing the envelope, Ethereal Records is always on the cutting-edge of the genre.

Empyrean Records

Founded by the late Berke Subasi, continues his legacy through the dedicated efforts of KRCL and Hard Reset. In honor of Berke’s vision and passion, the label is now run by his closest collaborators to push the boundaries of sound and creativity. Empyrean Records is a celebration of freedom in both sound and expression, dedicated to honoring Berke’s memory and continuing his mission to push the limits of electronic music.

La Pyramide

La Pyramide is helmed by the innovative producer Ege Saglam. The label’s direction evolves in tandem with Ege’s ever-evolving sound. Initially a home for organic house sounds, La Pyramide has shifted its focus to the dark and driving sounds that Ege has become known for.With a focus on the sounds that Ege Saglam is exploring, La Pyramide is the perfect destination for electronic music enthusiasts looking for something unique and cutting-edge..

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